Sometimes, if not often, warts have a way of resurfacing. Some warts, after treatment seldom recur. On the other hand, we do have warts which appear in large numbers, well after treatment. In order to stop warts from coming back, it’s important to choose the right treatment and also determine the cause of the initial outbreak.

Natural Ways To Stop Warts From Coming Back

The best way to nip warts in the bud, is to boost your immune system, with something as simple as a couple of lifestyle changes. Here are a few you could consider:


Lemon is by far one of the easiest ways to begin. Add lemon juice to a glass of water or to your tea. This helps retain your body’s pH at a temperature that inhibits the growth of wart causing bacteria. It essentially helps to support the growth of helpful bacteria, as opposed to the harmful ones that thrive in acidic environments.

Medicinal Herbs

Medicinal herbs give your immunity system that much needed boost which strengthens your body at the core. They are safe for children too, and often give your body additional support and strength.

Fruits And Veggies

Eating raw fruit and vegetables are highly beneficial when compared to their cooked counterparts. The nutritional content in them is unparallelled with many antioxidants to protect the cells in your immune system. Nuts and in general dark colored fruits such as berries are a good source of nutrition.  


Stock up on foods that are rich in Vitamin A, Vitamin E, Vitamin D Vitamin C, Zinc, Selenium, Omega fatty acids, Carotenoids, and so on. This helps in the long run, nipping the possibility of wart causing bacteria.


Water is the key. It helps flush out toxins, so drink as much as you possibly can. If your urine is any hue besides pale yellow, then that’s an indication that you aren’t drinking enough water. Consuming water is said to have long lasting effects on your overall health.


It all comes down to the basics, getting good sleep that’s in between 7-9 hours. This helps speeding up your immune system. Ample rest is the key to a healthier life, so ensure that you get enough. 

Avoid Antibiotics

If you have just completed a course of antibiotics, the need to restore the natural balance in your body becomes a prime requirement. Antibiotics harm the good bacteria in your system, which eventually affects your immune system. So, instead of letting the bacteria fend off an infection, the antibiotics would kill the good bacteria. It is therefore essential to take a probiotic once you’re done with an antibiotic course.

Say No To Caffeine

Avoid too much coffee as it depletes the minerals and vitamins in your body. It dehydrates your body. If there’s an insufferable need to consume coffee, then be sure you nullify the side effects of it, with at least two extra glasses of water.

Stop warts before they start, with these simple, effective ways.