Vitamins are very effective in removing warts worldwide. Our body is nourished mainly by the different vitamins and minerals that we consume daily through food. A deficiency of any of the vitamins leads to an imbalance causing low immunity and several infections and diseases. So, don’t be surprised when we say vitamins cure warts.

Role Of Vitamin In Warts

Vitamins are essential in removing warts because they are rich sources of antioxidants. Vitamins can be consumed as supplements or food, such as fruits, vegetables, or herbs. On medical supervision, vitamins from cream and ointments can be applied topically on the skin at the affected area for better results.

Which Vitamins Cure Warts

Here is a list of vitamins that are extremely potent agents to keep warts at bay. Read on to find out which vitamins cure warts.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C tops the list of all the vitamins in wart removal because of its strong antiviral properties. A daily dose of 4,000 to 10,000 mcg of Vitamin C is recommended to keep viral and several other infections at bay.

Vitamin A

Vitamin A has been found very effective in the complete removal of warts.  A supplement with mixed carotenoid, if had for a couple of months, can yield satisfactory results in removing warts. This vitamin should be consumed under medical supervision as an overdose of Vitamin A can cause toxicity. Thus a 1,00,000 IU of daily consumption of Vitamins and then gradually tapering it down to 25,000 should remove a wart within 2 months.


Vitamin E

Vitamin E has always been used explicitly for several skin-related issues. This powerful antioxidant works wonderfully well for tissue repair and healing and improves blood circulation. An oral dose of 200IU of Vitamin E for a couple of months works on wart removal. Vitamin E oil can be used directly on the affected area for faster results. Creams and ointments are also used for the treatment of wart removal by medical practitioners.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D works very effectively, especially on the Plantar’s wart, by increasing the immune system. Intralesional injections are commonly used for the treatment of warts by medical practitioners and cosmetic professionals worldwide. It involves injecting the nutrient directly into the affected site for a specific and speedy treatment.

Vitamin B

When had in combination with omega-3 fatty acids yields satisfactory results in the removal of warts. Vitamin B can be in the form of supplements or food rich in Vitamin B, like mussels, crab, fish, etc. Salmon, beans, and almonds are rich sources of omega-3 fatty acids, easily available. Thus both create a lethal combo to combat warts from your body.

Thus it is recommended to choose food containing the maximum amount of vitamins that can help one in the proper treatment for removing warts. It is always better to have food rich in vitamins to cure warts. Creams, lotions, and ointments rich in vitamins can be applied on specific warts under an expert’s supervision.