What Are Filiform Warts?

Filiform warts are long and thin warts that are similar to the color of the skin. As the color of warts closely matches the color of the skin, it becomes difficult to spot them initially. They can develop on the face, neck, eyelids, or lips. Warts are ugly in appearance, but facial warts are not immensely harmful. These warts are known to respond easily to treatment, and you can easily get rid of them by following a few simple methods.

Symptoms Of Filiform Warts

Filiform warts are brush-like in appearance. One must keep an eye open for its symptoms. The following are some prominent signs of Filiform warts:


Though there is no particular place for a wart to appear, the Filiform wart appears in the facial area. This is why these types of warts have also been termed the “facial wart”. The most common spots for this wart are the eyelids, lip area, and around the nose. This wart can also be spotted in the neck area.


This can be the second point to investigate whether you are dealing with a Filiform wart or not. Though most warts are dark in color, facial warts will seamlessly match the completion of the facial skin.


Itching is another common symptom of Filiform warts. The skin, around the growth, will itch violently. This happens as the infection slowly gains ground and starts spreading gradually.


Another symptom of facial warts is bleeding. This is commonly seen when the wart has reached its advanced stage. As the infection spreads, the skin loses its healing power and starts to break. As this happens, bleeding starts, making the situation worse for the person.

Causes Of Facial Warts

Filiform warts appear when a strain of the human papilloma infection, or HPV infection, causes the top layer of the skin to mature too quickly. This is mainly the outcome of a viral infection. The strains 1, 2, 4, 27, and 29 replicate and grow in the moist skin, which causes ugly warts to appear.

How To Treat Filiform Warts

Filiform warts are generally simple to treat.  There are various over-the-counter ointments available in the chemist’s store. Wartrol is one such filiform wart remover that is very popular among doctors and patients.

To get relief, one can make use of salicylic acid, 5-fluorouracil, and trichloroacetic acid. These components can be used in the original form or mixed with other agents to make the reaction stronger. Cryotherapy is another treatment solution for Filiform warts

If you are still not confident, you should visit your skin specialist.

Like most other warts, Filiform warts also go away after a fixed time. During this span of time, a person may have to suffer from various discomforts caused by these. A word of caution: Filiform warts are contagious and can easily spread to other parts of the body as well.