The occurrence of ugly verrucas can be nipped in the bud with a little help from the humble nail varnish. We are looking at a remedy that will surpass the need for verruca removal surgery or wart removal topical creams. A method that will successfully remove verruca and never let it grow back.

How It Works

Verrucas are essentially masses of undifferentiated cells. It isn’t your typical wart which has blood vessels feeding it. This means that it depends on oxygen diffusing into your body from the surroundings. If there are any means to cut off this oxygen supply, then the verruca can no longer thrive. Now what that means is this, your immune system will be able to fend them off. Applying nail varnish does just this- cuts off the oxygen supply to the verruca, rendering them more susceptible to your immune system.

Steps to Follow

Nail varnish suffocates the verruca, cutting off all oxygen supply to it. In order to carry out this process to remove verruca, you will have to keep the following points in mind.

Cleaning The Wound

First things first, wash the affected areas thoroughly so that there is no residue dirt or dust lingering around.

Cover The Area With Nail Varnish

The next step would be to cover the wound in nail varnish, to the best of your abilities. Ensure that there are no spots left uncovered. You can also opt to apply Salicylic Acid over the verruca before applying nail varnish over it.

Use Duct Tape To Remove Verruca

The idea is to suffocate the verruca, and we mean, really suffocate it. Nail polish can sometimes wear off, and in this case, there is no room for that. Cover the polished area with a layer of duct tape so as to ensure that no air can make its way to the verruca. You can also use a band aid. This helps to speed up the overall recovery time.

These three steps are fairly simple to follow and work quite effectively in getting rid of the verruca. Ensure that the nail varnish dries up completely before putting on socks or shoes. Allow the nail varnish to stay for a couple of days. Depending on the size, you could also let it stay for weeks. Reapplication of the nail varnish might be needed for a quick effective way to get rid of verrucas.

After a few days, you will see that the verruca starts to turn black. This is followed up by the verruca shrinking. Why this happens is because the nail varnish cuts off the oxygen supply to the verruca. This remedy makes the verruca less contagious, hence it is widely employed.

A Word Of Caution

If the verrucas appear on sensitive areas such as the genitals or face, refrain from this technique, because it might do more harm than helping you to remove verruca.

In the event of encountering discomfort of any kind, discontinue the remedy and opt for consultation of a doctor.  

Nail Varnish seems like a safer, easier bet when it comes to dealing with verrucas. It has been tried and tested, so you have nothing to fear.