Mosaic warts are one particular type of plantar warts. The characteristic feature of the Mosaic wart is its cluster-like formation. These clusters are plantar warts, which are very tightly huddled together. This formation is commonly seen over a small and localized area. The Mosaic warts grow to a circumference of one or more inches in diameter.

Form of Mosaic warts

Mosaic warts closely resemble small lesions in their early stages. In the primary stages, Mosaic warts look like small puncture marks, black in color. As they develop, they acquire the look of a brown cauliflower, with dark spots in the middle. These spots are formed due to bleeding.

How Plantar Warts turn to Mosaic Warts?

When a cluster of plantar warts are left as they are without proper treatment, they gradually increase in diameter and transform into Mosaic warts.

Symptoms Of Mosaic Warts

The following are some signs that you need to look out for in case you fear that you have Mosaic warts

  1. People often ignore these warts as they happen on the feet. As a result of walking, these warts are pushed even deeper into the skin thus increasing the pain. It almost feels as if you are stepping on a stone everytime you take a step. This is the most prominent symptom of Mosaic warts.
  2. The area where the Mosaic warts form, the skin turns brownish or grayish-yellow in color. The upper surface of the skin becomes smooth in initial days.
  3. You may also notice bleeding from the warts when pressure is applied on them. This happens when the bold clots or thrombosed capillaries rupture located deeper in the layers of the skin.
  4. Often, Mosaic warts appear in areas over bones or pressure points. This makes it even more painful for the patients.

Why Do Mosaic Warts Appear?

The main cause of the Mosaic wart is the infection of human papilloma pathogen (HPV) (Type 1). This germ flourishes in hot and humid conditions. Once they come in contact with the moist skin, the germs start feeding off of the skin. The pathogen is very contagious in nature. It can live for many months, without a host. Once the germs get access to any cuts on the skin, they release the infection-causing toxins.

Are These  Warts Cancerous?

It is surprising to know that infection of HPV strains can cause something as harmless as warts and something as deadly as cancer. The HPV strain that is responsible for cancer is dissimilar from the strain that causes warts.

The Mosaic warts are flat as the weight of the whole body is put on the feet. These warts are normally non-cancerous in nature, and there are many easy and cheap treatments available in the market, for getting rid of warts.