Its always better to prevent warts than to cure them later on. Warts are a pretty troubling menace that can actually cause permanent damage on your skin and body parts leaving you with enduring dents on your body. For this reason there’s a need to prevent this painful malady by all means possible. This piece will enlighten you on ten of the best ways to prevent Warts.

Boost Up Your Body Immune System

Warts just like any other viral infections are very prevalent in people whose immune system is wanting in terms of immune boosters. For this reason it is acceptable to say that if you were to adopt balanced diet that has all immunity enhancing components then you would be able to prevent yourself from getting infected with warts totally. Viral infections usually don’t have a complete termination method. The only way to counter them is to increase your body immunity against them so that your white blood cells can suppress them. So to prevent yourself from getting warts you should try and eat foods rich in vitamins and minerals especially zinc. These foods include astragalus, turmeric, astragalus and fruits.

Counter the Spread of Warts

Another remedy to Warts is countering the spread of warts before they affect your entire body. Moreover you have to physically take care of yourself from contracting the condition through physical contact. Warts unfortunately are spread through physical contact with infected people. To avoid catching warts, always wash your hands with disinfectants after multiple contacts with people. Also if you have lesions on your body that you fear they might be early signs of warts, ensure that you don’t touch such rashes, since you might touch other parts of the body and spread the warts.

Stay Sensitive

Always be sensitive of your body. This is one of the easiest ways to prevent warts. If you notice certain peculiar grazes on your body, always treat them early using home remedies since they may be signs of possible tumours growing on your body, most probably warts. Some of the home remedies you can use includes Pineapple juice, concentrated crushed garlic solvents, baking powder, aspirin and fresh Aloe Vera. All you have to do is rub these substances on the areas with abrasions, consecutively until the abrasions disappear. If this works, you might have prevented a possible Warts infection. Nonetheless, it’s always good to see a physician so that you may get examined fully on what really is happening on your skin. At times rashes could just be simple treatable allergic reactions from your body and they do not necessarily mean that you are developing warts.

Protect Your Skin

As much as dermatologists insist that Warts are spread through body contact, the real issue on the ground is that if your skin is ruptured that’s when your body is highly predisposed to warts the most. Therefore, the secret to avoiding contracting warts isn’t necessarily avoiding physical contact with people (This is utterly impossible), the trick here is to ensure that your skin is intact, no ruptures, cuts or bruises. HPV viruses usually penetrate the skin through such ruptures on the skin. Moreover, skin cuts create a conducive environment for growth of warty tumours.

Avoid Biting Your Fingers And Scratching Your Soles

Physicians have always warned about the susceptibility of people who bite their fingers to Periungual warts, but most people don’t seem to take this issue with the seriousness it deserves. Firstly, biting your finger nails could break your skin tissue thus creating an opening for secondary infections such as the HPV virus. Secondly, in case you were infected with warts through contact with an infected person through your fingers, biting your finger nails could as well facilitate transfer of the viruses to other regions like your mouth and lips, thus predisposing yourself to oral warts.

Observe High Levels Of Hygiene

Just like with most skin infections and complications, cleanliness is vital if you are going to inhibit the growth of warts. Since warts are more of a contagious syndrome, it is important to ensure that you are not sharing personal utilities such as razors, socks, shoes, towels and inner wears. Moreover avoid walking bare footed on public areas such as public bathrooms. Moisture is also another predisposing factor to warts, therefore if you are the kind of person who has sweaty palms and feet ensure that you keep them dry with hand towel. In the case of sweaty feet, always wear absorptive socks and also avoid plastic and lexine shoes that do not allow for aeration of the feet.

Cure Warts Early Enough

Once diagnosed with HPV virus, it is not enough to prevent the spread of warts on the skin. There is a need to undergo a certain period of medication. HPV being a virus has no other way of eliminating it apart from following a prescription of some drugs usually Imiquimod drugs. Of course you will be given a handful of ointments to apply on the warts, but even though you apply them and the HPV virus is still circulating in the body then you can be assured the warts will still grow elsewhere on your body. You can check out Wartrol Reviews as it is considered as one the best wart removers.

Avoid Self-Treatment Of Unsure Lesions

In as much as self-medication seems an easy way out for most people who don’t have time to get a thorough check up from a therapist, sometimes if you don’t get the right medication from a well versed person in the area, you might as well worsen the situation thinking that you are curing it. Salicylic for instance if not used in the right concentrations, can be corrosive to the skin and damage the tissues more than they were already damaged.

Avoid Humid Conditions

Humidity allows for the survival and growth of warts and hence humid conditions should be avoided at all cost. In the case of mosaic and plantar warts, you can prevent your feet from contracting them by always keeping them clean and dry.

Don’t Assume

There is a common confusion between wart and Callus as well as corns. This is partly because the three almost resemble each other. However if you assumed that a Callus condition is a wart you may end up using excessively lethal methods of curing the callus thinking its wart. For example you might try a liquid Nitrogen treatment on a corn and this could damage your skin completely. So instead of speculating, visit a dermatologist who will guide you accordingly.

Conclusively, Warts are totally preventable and observing basic hygiene all the time could be the easiest way out when trying to prevent yourself from contracting warts.