Flat Warts can affect anyone of any age or gender. All it takes to get warts is to be infected with the HPV virus. This virus is contagious and can easily get into your body through the tiniest crack in the skin. Once inside, it will affect the rate at which the skin cells reproduce causing warts to form. There are over 100 different types of HPV, with different strains of virus-producing warts on different areas of the body. However, one of the most frustrating types of warts is flat warts. Flat warts can appear on the face, which can pose a challenge when trying to find a flat wart on face treatment. The pinhead size warts are flat warts that appear frequently on the hands and feet of children and teenagers. Flat warts most commonly appear on the face and the neck. You can also find them appearing on arms, neck, and hands. The (HPV) or the human papillomavirus causes these warts.

What do Flat Warts Look Like?

Before using any particular treatment, it is critical to confirm the bumps are actually flat warts. Flat warts are bumps that lie almost flush against the surface of the skin. These small bumps almost always appear in clusters. Flat warts have smooth tops and are flesh-colored, or they may be yellow. These warts can spread easily to other parts of the face.

What Type Of HPV Causes Flat Warts?

HPV 3, 10, 28, and 49 are the HPV strains that cause flat warts. They affect the warm and moist locations on the skin. These are the most contagious viruses and can infect anyone who even touches the surface that is touched by the infected person. White or fleshes-colored warts are flat warts and they are raised slightly above the skin. They are not painful or dangerous benign growths on the skin. It only causes cosmetic problems for the individual having flat warts as they do not make the skin look attractive. They usually appear in clusters.

Increase immunity To Prevent Flat Warts

A weak immune system attracts skin ailments like flat warts. Though they disappear on their own in a few months, you can take care of your diet to boost your immunity. Patches for curing flat warts are available. They are placed on to them. It takes a few months for flat warts to disappear. Warts that appear on the face are hard to hide. You can also use cryotherapy to freeze flat warts. Avoid shaving or using any facial beauty treatments if they appear on the face. The outbreak can easily spread to the other parts of the face if they are touched or disrupted due to any kind of treatment.

Thing To Consider Before Treatment

When considering face treatment it is important to remember the skin of the face is very sensitive. Harsh over-the-counter wart remover should not be used on the face. However, some dermatologists recommend using products with benzoyl peroxide to help treat flat warts on the face. This medication can work by causing the top layer of skin to peel away and triggering an immune response so the body’s immune system can fight the HPV virus.

Treatments of Flat Warts

Apart from cryotherapy, laser treatments are also used to remove warts. You can also cut a piece of garlic and apply it to the wart. Do it twice daily. You can try this before going to bed. Do not use aggressive treatment on the skin of children to remove flat warts. You can start having herbs in your diet and also include honey regularly to boost immunity. Mint, thyme, cranberry leaves, and multivitamin food supplements are good enough to increase the immunity of the body. Liquid nitrogen is also used sometimes to treat warts.

Sometimes it may be necessary for the doctor to cut flat warts off the skin. The doctor will apply numbing medication to the site first and then quickly cut warts away with a scalpel. There is a risk for minimal scarring with this type of flat warts treatment.

Flat warts treatment must be carried out carefully because the skin on the face is very sensitive. There are natural wart creams available that may be safe to use on the face. Just be sure to use it exactly as directed. Wartrol heal face warts very easily and comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Maintain Hygiene

Do not share bathroom slippers, towels, toiletries, etc with another person. As much as possible, avoid using public showers. When you develop flat warts, wear loose clothes. Choose a fabric that does not stick to the skin and lets your skin breathe. Avoid nylons, silk, and stick to microfiber and soft fabrics. Also, do not bite or pick nails as they can easily infect this area.

Few More Natural Ingredients

The easiest way to prevent flat warts is to get a healthy lifestyle and stay hygienic. Tea tree oil is also useful in getting rid of warts. Keep skin moist and the area of the skin that is prone to dryness must be regularly treated with oil massages. Ginseng is also a good health supplement to intake to build a better immune system.