Warts can appear anywhere on the body. Although certain things can trigger warts to start growing, its always caused by a virus. How to get rid of warts on feet presents two major problems that related to how feet warts are different from warts elsewhere on the body. Warts tend to be classified by how they look and certain types of warts tend to appear only on certain parts of the body.

wart on foot

Warts on feet are mostly plantar warts. These are the biggest and probably the hardest to deal with. They grow rapidly, don’t spread as rampant, and can be incredibly uncomfortable. The skin on the soles of your feet is the toughest skin on your body. It’s really thick and tough and allows you to walk barefoot without getting hurt. The problem then is when a wart starts growing under this tough skin.

As the wart starts growing and starts pushing outwards it pushes this tough skin with it. This can be very painful. On top of that, it will also feel like you are “stepping on” something like a small pebble. The painful part is the fact that the wart is trying to penetrate the tough skin from underneath. Plantar warts don’t grow on top of the skin. The biggest part is the part you cannot see underneath the skin and that is the part we have to get rid of.

Plantar warts have a root-like structure that can grow deep into the skin. When removing it you have to get rid of its root and all otherwise it will simply grow back. How to get rid of warts on feet? Here are 3 possible solutions.


The most common way to remove large plantar warts is by getting it cut out. What’s great about this is the fact that it can be removed instantly and if the doctor does a good job it can remove the problem almost immediately. The problem however is that it can be very painful and having a big hole cut into your foot is not at all pleasant. It can knock you out of action for a few days and you will probably not be able to walk on that foot for a few days. Surgery can also be an expensive solution since wart removal is generally considered a cosmetic procedure and many health funds won’t cover the costs.


One of the most common ways to remove smaller warts is to simply freeze them off with a process known as cryotherapy. By applying a liquid nitrogen solution straight unto the wart it will “kill” the wart by freezing it at a very low temperature. Applying liquid nitrogen on healthy skin will be incredibly painful and can burn a hole right into your skin. By applying it to the wart however you can kill the wart. Although there are many DIY kits you can buy over the counter, it’s likely to be ineffective for a large foot wart. It is however a viable solution if you get your doctor to do it for you.

This is a relatively inexpensive option but the results may not be that great. If you do not use it as instructed it can be painful and you may have to use it several times to get the desired results.

Siliac Acid

This is one of the newer wart removers and it’s an acid that acts very much the same way as liquid nitrogen does. It will burn the wart off but it’s much gentler on healthy skin. By applying a Siliac acid solution straight onto the wart it will start to kill the wart and slowly but surely the wart will start to peel off and die. This works very well on small warts on the hands but may not be that effective on large plantar warts. Again, the problem is the fact that these warts can be so tough, and dealing with the tough layer of skin on the sole of your feet can be a challenge.

This is a slow option. It can take up to 12 weeks for this to work and on a larger wart, it can take even longer. For smaller ones on your toes or for ones on the upper parts of the foot, this can be a great option.

Natural Cures

Resorting to surgery or some product is not the only option you have. You can use home remedies and natural cures as well. The benefit is that it’s incredibly inexpensive and it rarely has any side effects like harsh chemicals may have. It’s not always that effective though and different solutions will give different results for different people.

These are just some of the most common strategies on how to get rid of warts on your feet. It can be a very uncomfortable problem and unless you act fast these types of warts can grow into a big problem fairly quickly. The secret is to act fast and stop it while it’s little.