Warts are small tumors that develop on the skin of certain body parts such as the soles of the feet, fingertips and lips. These tumors develop as a result of a viral infection by a virus known as the human papillomavirus (HPV). Warts are curable and this article will explain the various ways to treat warts.


Cryotherapy is a method of using extremely cold temperatures to cure various forms of tissue damages. This method uses extremely cold elements mostly liquid Nitrogen to destroy the cells of the wart tumor. This method is quick and effective, however, the pain is quite excruciating and in the most severe incidences, anesthesia may be necessary especially for mosaic warts. Application of liquid nitrogen can be done either using a spray gun or can be applied directly using a stick and cotton wool. This treatment is done three or four times before warts heal completely. The treatments should be done at intervals of about two weeks. Although liquid nitrogen can be purchased over the counter in some authorized drug stores, from a personal standpoint I would suggest that you visit a doctor to help you with the Cryotherapy.

This is partly because, by doing it yourself, you are risking scarring your skin. Especially if the wart you are treating is thicker than normal, you will need the application of more Nitrogen and in the process, you might apply excess liquid Nitrogen and this will cause scarring. Scarring is the condition where the nerves close to the region with the wart get damaged by the excess liquid Nitrogen thus causing delays in the healing of the skin. However, it should be noted that Cryotherapy should not be used on kids.


surgery to remove warts

In the treatment of warts, surgery is also an alternative. However, in most cases, it is used as the last resort, once all other options have failed. By other options, I mean all the home remedies as well as Cryotherapy. The two major types of wart-related surgeries are Electro-surgery and Laser surgery. Electro-Surgery involves charring or scorching the wart with an electric current. With electro-surgery, a curettage procedure may be necessary. Curettage is where the wart is cut with a sharp razor before smoldering the flesh wound with an electric current.  The second type of surgery for warts is laser surgery. Laser surgery is where the entire wart is seared with an intense beam of light. Although surgery might look like a long-lasting and workable solution to warts, there is a weakness in this method. Surgery only removes the wart physically but the HPV virus is still in the bloodstream of the person. This means that if nothing about the person, he might remain a carrier of the HPV virus and probably infect others too. Besides, the fact that the person still has the virus in their body means that warts can still develop elsewhere on their bodies regardless of the fact that he or she had been removed from another wart.

Treat Warts with Wartrol Wart Remover

wartrol wart remover

If you are not sure of the OTC drugs you should use, then here is an easy way out. Universally recommended wart removal drugs can help you eliminate warts confidently without the risks of damaging your skin or fear of the wrong usage. Wartrol is a certified and approved wart removal drug that has been cleared by the US Food and Drug Administration. Wartrol contains Salicyclic acid as an ingredient. Other chemicals in Wartrol include Ascorbic acid, Menthol, Ethyl alcohol as well as other minor chemicals. Wartrol helps to remove warts fast. Using Wartrol is not that difficult a task. All you have to do is locate the wart, wash the affected region and soak it in warm water.  Now dry the warty region and leave it open for a few seconds. After the infected part is thoroughly dried, apply Wartrol in small amounts using cotton wool or a brush. Afterward, let it dry. You should repeat this process for about two or three months, applying it two times a day.  However, it should be noted that Wartrol just like other substances containing Salicyclic acid should never be applied in the genitalia region. Therefore Wartrol should not be used in the case of Genital warts

Home Remedies To Treat Warts

Thankfully, there are a number of home remedies that can be used to eliminate warts effectively. Usually, most people opt to try treating themselves at home first before they can seek medical attention and therefore this part will be really helpful to you. If done properly home treatments can be time and money saving and in addition, most home remedies are less painful than surgical and Cryotherapy methods. To begin with, over-the-counter acids can be purchased to be used to grind down the wart. The safest acid for this work is Salicyclic acid. The advantage of using acids as a remedy to warts is that they are less painful and actually the best solution for treating warts in children.  However, acid treatments take longer in getting rid of warts but never mind, at least you don’t have to worry about the pain like in other methods.

Suffocation is also another remedy to warts. Here you can use the crudest of methods to suffocate the wart. Most people prefer using duct tape and tightly covering the wart with several rounds of tape. With time the infection is suffocated and eventually rots and disappears. Over the period you will be covering the wart with duct tape always ensure that you unwrap the wart and scrape off the dead cells with a pumice stone, wash it, and then wrap it up once more. Continue with this treatment for a month or two and you will see some good results.

Finally, you can also opt to use over-the-counter drugs from your local drug store. Common drugs you can buy to suppress the infection are aspirin and acetaminophen for relieving pain as well as over-the-counter Cryotherapy kits. Notably, for genital warts, I strongly recommend that you visit your doctor and don’t try home remedies on these sorts of warts.