Wart removal at home can be easy but for those who are not experienced, it can turn out to be very complicated. Warts which are small, rough and solid blister like outgrowths are very common in both young and old. The main reason for wart might be a viral infection caused by HPV or Human Papilloma Virus. There are close to ten different kinds of warts found on a human body though usually warts are not too dangerous and are asymptomatic in nature one needs to identify and be cautious about the type of wart one has. Let’s read about the advantages and disadvantages of wart removal at home:

Wart Removal With The Help Of Medicines

Ideally warts should be removed under medical supervision. The commonly used processes for removal are the following:

  • Salicyclic acid which is a little higher in concentration is applied either in the form of patches or ointment
  • Imiquimod, is a immune booster which fights against the wart and is usually prescribed for genital warts
  • Cantharidin used independently or in association with podophyllin
  • Bleomycin, is used as injections, though it is not US-FDA approved.
  • Cidofovir is an antiviral drug used to treat warts infected by HPV.

Apart from medicines several other processes like cryotherapylaser treatment, infrared treatment, keratolysis and electrodessication is used by medical practitioners under a controlled environment.

Wart Removal At Home

Though, it is best to remove warts medically under the supervision of a qualified medical practitioner. There have been several cases where people have tried home remedies and removed warts at home. One has to be cautious as there are many different kinds of warts and removal of a few warts at home might lead to infections or might cause other serious harm. Here are a few ways to remove warts at home

  • Using a duct tape over the wart and keeping it for a few hours before you remove
  • Applying pineapple juice in the affected area for a few timely daily
  • Crushed garlic on the wart and cover it with a duct tape
  • Applying a paste of baking powder and castor oil and keep it overnight, do this for a few days
  • Aloe Vera extract of the wart does wonder if done regularly
  • Crushed vitamin C tablets mixed with water
  • Crushed aspirin tablet
  • Applying Onion juice on warts takes time but has shown guaranteed results
  • Tea tree oil is an antibacterial thus takes care of wart removal as well as keeping the area free from germs and other bacteria.

Advantages Of Wart Removal At Home

There are several options available within our reach for a safe and successful wart removal at home.

  • Out of the several merits, the first being that people can remove the wart at their home at their suitable time as a few think it is harmless and thus the removal can be carried out at home.
  • Home remedies used for wart removal especially the one’s involving vegetables, fruits or oils have no or almost zero side effects and post removal maintenance.
  • There are very little chances of the home removal technique going wrong.
  • Lesser the use of medicine, better for the body and mind. A few people are scared of surgical intervention, thus they prefer home removal techniques easier.
  • Almost all the home removal techniques are user friendly and can be performed single handed or with a friend or family member’s help at leisure.
  • Most of the home removal techniques have no complications unless the wart is of a serious nature and the removal technique goes wrong.
  • Pocket friendly, as one doesn’t have to invest in medicines or pay for medical procedures. Majority prefer going for home remedies which are available at the kitchen shelf or for over the counter medicines.
  • A few home removal techniques are time tested and have been used since ages for safe and successful wart removal practised by our parents and grandparents.
  • Saves one from embarrassment, a few people want to keep their wart removal a private affair, thus they find it comfortable going for home removal of warts.

Disadvantages Of Wart Removal At Home

Though there are several advantages of wart removal at home over the disadvantages. But people often ignore the post removal complications in a home removal process. Following are the disadvantages

  • Not every home remedy or home removal process is guaranteed to remove warts. As every wart is different and might need a different approach for removal.
  • Not every home removal process is safe. There have been several cases where a home removal technique had gone wrong and they landed up to deeper trouble with further complications leading to a medical intervention.
  • Leading to higher cost, if the wart removal at home goes wrong
  • Excessive bleeding, children or novices going for wart removal at home with little or no information end up applying the wrong procedure leading to agony and pain
  • Infection, wart removal done on a very casual note, without enough attention paid on disinfecting the area before removal leads to severe infection and inflammation.
  • People often tamper with oral warts and try removing it on their own which leads to serious bleeding
  • Use of any sharp object for making an incision to cut off the wart many a times leads to excessive bleeding and eventually death.
  • Trying out home remedies without any medical consultation many a times has led to an even more aggravated situation especially warts which have occurred due to HPV.
  • However safe a wart may be, but children should never perform a wart removal process at home with their limited knowledge of human body.

And The Bottomline Is

Thus, it is of utmost importance that one does a lot of study and collect sufficient information before undergoing a wart removal at home. One should ideally identify the type of wart and the most appropriate, potent and  a safe  technique for it’s removal. One should also take medical help in case of warts which are a little serious in nature. It goes without saying that enough care should be given post wart removal.