Cryotherapy is a freezing treatment, where the skin is treated with cold temperature. It is used for treating issues related to skin, like warts. Liquid nitrogen is used to treat warts in this therapy. It only takes less than sixty seconds to perform this treatment. This treatment is given in healthcare centers.

A Treatment For Skin Ailments

Warts are removed and precancerous lesions are destroyed using this therapy. This treatment is also used in treating some of the skin cancers. Since, the skin tissue is destroyed during this treatment; it cannot be examined under a microscope during a biopsy. The doctors can also trim the warts with a knife. This is done before the cryotherapy treatment. This treatment is painful, and local anesthesia could sometimes be needed to numb the pain during the treatment.

Risks Involved with Cryotherapy

Blisters and ulcers are usually seen as a side effect of using this treatment. The skin can also get scarred if affected areas of the skin are frozen for a longer period of time. The skin that is treated could also turn white. Since, this therapy has been effective and time tested, a few patients need to go through a fewer sessions to get rid of warts. If the wart is larger in size and needed repetitive treatments, the nerves around the warts could be damaged. There could also be pus oozing out when the wart is treated. Patients could also experience symptoms of fever post the treatment of warts.

Effects After the Treatment

The skin might look reddish after treatment. The blisters that may turn up might stay on the skin for a few hours. Patients could also experience pain for up to two to three days after taking the treatment. A scab could also be formed. This scab usually disappears after two to three days. If the treated wart is left open, they should be treated with bandage so the treated wart won’t brush against clothes.

Infection Post treatment

You must call your healthcare provider immediately should the skin lesions not heal post treatment. Also, if you see signs of redness, swelling, or blister that last for a couple of days, these are signs of infection and need to be treated immediately.

Alternative Treatment For Warts

You can buy over the counter medicines like Wartrol as well. These Cryotherapy kits have propane and dimethyl instead of liquid nitrogen to freeze the warts. Except for genital warts, these kits could be used to treat warts on the visible and reachable areas of the body. Always ensure to clear a blister that is erupted so that it does not spread to other areas.

In a few countries, this is considered more of a wellness program than a FDA approved medical treatment. There are statistics that depict the success of this therapy in improving the mood of a person, and continues to be an option for many, except those who have any other health ailments or are pregnant.