Can you Remove Warts at Home?

Warts are a harmless skin condition that just about anyone can have. Whether a twelve year old child or a sixty year old retiree, no one is exempt from contracting the human pappilloma viruses that can cause warts. It’s a skin condition that can affect any race or skin type. If you’re one of the millions of people looking for ways on how you can remove warts at home , here are just a few suggestions on how you can.

remove warts at home

There are many different home remedies that can remove warts. As you will find out with this article, simple ingredients that you can find in your own kitchen can eradicate the unsightly blemishes. So there’s no more need for you to spend hundreds of dollars on different creams and dermatological procedures to get rid of your wart problem. However, before you try any of the home remedies that are mentioned here, please make sure that you choose a remedy, which involves ingredients that you are not allergic to. You wouldn’t want to have to deal with a sudden allergic reaction as well.

Using Oils to Remove Warts

Application of oils such as camphor oil, castor oil and tea tree oil on the affected area several times a day can remove warts and guarantee results in as short as two weeks. Not only do the oils have soothing properties, but they also very effective in softening your skin. You can also use oil extracted from cashew nuts to remove warts. Or if you have any flaxseeds lying around in your kitchen, you can ground them up to get some oil, add a bit of honey to the flaxseed oil and end up with an effective wart removal solution.

Using Fresh Fruit to Remove Warts

Want a refreshing and light mixture for your wart problems? Then allow natural and fresh fruit extracts to be the solution to your problem. Many people have tried and now swear by the discovery that juices from fruits that contain a high acidity such as pineapple and grapefruit can get rid of warts. All you need to do is to apply the juice on the affected area a few times each day. You can also use the peel of a banana, with the inner skin facing the affected area as an effective way to cure warts.

Before you try out any of the home removal methods that are suggested here, always remember to clean and dry the affected areas before you apply the topical solutions. After applying your chosen natural solution, cover the affected area well with a clean bandage. Don’t forget to change the dressing so often as to avoid the spread of infection or allergic reactions. If you’re wondering where you can get some of the more uncommon ingredients such as tea tree oil and flaxseeds, they can readily be bought at most health food and supplements store so head on to your local outlet today. With just a bit of perseverance of ingenuity, you will be able to remove warts in no time.