Duct Tape Warts Removal

Is the so-called duct tape warts removal really a legitimate way to get rid of warts or is it just another gimmick? Ever since this method was featured on a popular TV show its been all the craze and anybody and everybody who has a wart is trying it. Before we get carried away, lets at least look at it and see if there is any potential with this wart removal technique.

remove warts with duct tape

As we know by know, warts are caused by a virus, the HPV virus and even though we can carry the virus we don’t always have warts. The warts often appear underneath the skin when conditions are “ideal” and it can grow in different shapes, sizes and forms.

Common Misconceptions

One common misconception when it comes to wart removal is the fact that we cannot kill this virus. All we can really do is to remove the SYMPTOMS of the virus (which is the wart itself). From this point of view the duct tape warts method has some merit and can indeed be useful.

The Duct Tape Method

Firstly the duct tape helps to suffocate the wart and prevents it from growing further. Warts usually appear on areas of the body where the conditions allows for it to grow. Areas like the soles of your feet, between your fingers, on your palms and even the groin area can be ideal places for the virus to flourish. Duct tape can indeed hinder the growth and when you close the wart up with the tape you effectively change the “growing” conditions.

Secondly, the duct tape warts method is effective in that it helps to remove the dead layers of skin caused by the wart. As it grows under your skin it creates a lot of dead skin that bundles together. This is often what creates the size and the uncomfortable bump.

Removing the Wart

By using the duct tape warts method you can gradually remove layer after layer of dead skin and in the process you will gradually remove the wart itself. This is by no means a quick fix as it can take a couple of weeks for it to start working effectively. Also, it does not work on every type of wart and I would NOT recommend you try this on any sensitive part of your body. Its probably best used on areas like your feet or your hands and fingers. Avoid using it on your face or on other sensitive areas as it can be a health hazard.

For this duct tape warts removal method to be effective it's recommended you combine it with something that actually targets the virus itself. The duct tape is great to strip away the dead skin cells, but its not all that great in attacking the cause of the dead cells.